Helle Eggen Knife Review

I recently had the pleasure of testing out the Helle Eggen knife, a handcrafted outdoor field knife that has been made in Norway for almost a century. As someone who values quality craftsmanship and practicality in my outdoor gear, I was excited to see what this knife had to offer.

From the moment I held the Helle Eggen knife, I could feel the weight and balance of the blade in my hand. The craftsmanship of this knife is evident in the attention to detail, from the triple laminated stainless steel blade to the comfortable curly birch wood handle.

As someone who appreciates the beauty of well-made tools, I was immediately drawn to the simplicity and elegance of the Helle Eggen knife.

In this review, I’ll be taking a closer look at the features of the Helle Eggen knife and sharing my experience using it in the field.

Quality and Craftsmanship

You’ll be impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of this beauty, from the triple laminated stainless steel blade to the natural materials used in the handle.

Quality and Craftsmanship - Helle Eggen Knife

The Helle Eggen Knife is truly a work of art, handcrafted in Norway since 1932. The philosophy of honesty, hard work, and quality is evident in every detail of this knife.

The blade is made of two layers of tough stainless steel (18/8) on the outside, protecting the high carbon core on the inside, which provides a superb cutting edge.

The handle is made of curly birch wood, a natural material that gives each knife its unique look. The balance point of the knife is perfect for chopping and slicing, and the rat-tail tang is reinforced by the brass bolster, making it sturdy and durable.

Blade Details

The triple laminated stainless steel used in the blade provides excellent protection against breakage and corrosion, while the high carbon core ensures a superior cutting edge for the Helle Outdoor Knife.

This unique combination of materials creates a blade that is both durable and sharp, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as hunting and camping.

Blade Details - Helle Eggen Knife

The blade length measures 3.9 inches, with a thickness of 0.12 inches, and a scandi grind style that is common in Scandinavian knives. The blade is also handcrafted with precision and care, ensuring that each knife is of the highest quality.

Overall, the blade of the Helle Eggen Knife is one of its strongest selling points. The combination of materials used in its construction results in a blade that is sharp, durable, and long-lasting.

Additionally, the scandi grind style is a popular choice for outdoor knives and ensures that tasks such as slicing and chopping are performed with ease.

Overall, the blade is a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every Helle Outdoor Knife.

Handle Material and Size

As soon as I held the Helle Outdoor Knife with its beautifully crafted curly birch wood handle that perfectly fit my large hand, I felt a sense of comfort and confidence that made any outdoor activity even more enjoyable.

Handle Material and Size - Helle Eggen Knife Review

The handle material was smooth and felt great to hold, and the natural wood grain made it even more aesthetically pleasing.

The handle’s balance point was perfect for chopping and slicing, and the index finger groove prevented my hand from sliding forward on a thrust.

Overall, the handle was an excellent fit for my hand, making it easy to control the knife and use it effectively.

Sheath Design and Functionality

In terms of the sheath, it’s made of thick, sturdy leather and features a plastic layer inside to prevent the blade from cutting through.

I appreciate the attention to detail in the sheath design, such as the high quality stitch thread and subtle accents pressed into the leather. However, it is worth noting that the leather is thinner than average, measuring at about 3/32 of an inch thick.

Sheath Design and Functionality - Helle Eggen Knife Reviews

While this may not affect the functionality of the sheath, some users may prefer a thicker leather for added durability and protection.

Overall, the sheath is well-designed and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the knife. It fits the knife closely and the flap buttoned over the brass knob at the end of the handle ensures that the knife won’t fall out on its own.

While the thinner leather may be a minor drawback for some users, it is not a deal breaker and the sheath still provides ample protection for the knife during transport and storage.

Sharpening and Maintenance

To keep my new Helle Eggen Knife sharp and in top condition, I’ve learned some basic tips for sharpening and maintenance.

  • One important thing to keep in mind is that this knife has a trilaminate blade, which means that it has two layers of tough stainless steel protecting a high carbon core.
  • To sharpen it, we need to use a wet stone with either oil or water to avoid damaging the inner steel’s temper. We also need to strop the edge regularly to maintain its sharpness.
  • Additionally, we should avoid using a honing steel or electric sharpener on this knife, as it could damage the blade.
  • In terms of maintenance, we need to make sure to clean and dry the knife after each use, especially if I’ve been using it in wet or dirty conditions.
  • We should also oil the wooden handle regularly to keep it from drying out and cracking.
  • We should store the knife in its sheath when not in use to protect the blade and to prevent accidental injury.

With these basic tips, I believe I should be able to keep my Helle Eggen Knife in great condition for years to come.

Intended Use and Recommendations

If you want a knife that will last and perform well in outdoor activities, the Helle Eggen is a solid choice to consider.

It’s a sturdy and well-balanced knife that can handle medium-duty field work, making it perfect for camping and hiking trips.

The blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel, which provides a super sharp cutting edge and excellent protection against breakage and corrosion.

The handle is made of curly birch wood, which feels comfortable in the hand and provides a unique look for each knife. The Helle Eggen comes with a genuine leather sheath that provides good protection for the blade.

Overall, the Helle Eggen is a high-quality knife that is built to last. It’s a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts who value craftsmanship and quality.

Here are some specs, pros, and cons to consider before purchasing:

Product Specs:

  • Brand: Helle
  • Recommended Uses: Camping, Outdoor
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Length: 4.3 Inches
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Included Components: Sheath
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Style: Scandinavian
What I like?
  • Handcrafted quality from Norway since 1932
  • Triple laminated stainless steel blade for excellent cutting edge and protection
  • Comfortable curly birch wood handle with unique look
  • Perfect balance for chopping and slicing
  • Genuine leather sheath included
  • Sturdy and durable rat-tail tang with brass bolster
What I don’t like?
  • Higher price point than some comparable knives
  • Some minor fit and finish issues reported by some customers
  • Leather sheath may be too rigid for some users
  • Not recommended for heavy-duty bushcrafting


Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with the Helle Eggen knife. The quality and craftsmanship are undeniable, and the unique triple laminated stainless steel blade is a true work of art.

The comfortable curly birch wood handle feels great in my hand and allows for a secure grip even in wet conditions. The genuine leather sheath is both stylish and functional, providing excellent protection for the blade when not in use.

But beyond its impressive design and aesthetics, the Helle Eggen knife is a true performer in the field. It’s versatile enough to handle a wide range of tasks, from carving and chopping to filleting and skinning. And with proper sharpening and maintenance, it’ll remain a reliable tool for years to come.

Overall, I’d highly recommend the Helle Eggen knife to anyone in need of a high-quality outdoor field knife. It truly is a cut above the rest.