Best Survival Knife under 50$ in 2023 [Reviews]

Massive individuals face enormous complexities, so they are looking for a good quality knife on the most affordable budget. We had also compiled a list of Knives falling in the budget of 200 dollars. But the cause huge they can’t afford that product, so they made the demand for best-fixed blade survival knives under 50 dollars. So, we have compiled a list of knives that might be purchased under the budget of 50 dollars.

We presented the knives list holding an affordable budget and facilitating the customer with good quality material. We tried of best to enable you with the best products. So here we are presenting the list of top knives on an affordable budget.

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List of top 5 the best survival knife under 50$ in 2023:

Here we have compiled a list of the 5 best survival knives under $50 that facilitates you in the best way at their end.

Best Survival Knife under 50 RATING PRICE
KA-BAR full-size Marine Corps fighting Knife⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
SOG Fixed Blade knife⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Schrade SCHF9⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Gerber Gear Store⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Bushlore Camp Knife⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price

1. KA-BAR full-size Marine Corps fighting Knife

best survival knife under 50

Blade length7 Inches
Blade ShapeStraight Back
Blade EdgeCompound Bevel
Machete Weight317.5 Grams

LA-BAR fighting knife is the best option if you are looking for a good quality product. It comprises all mandatory features for saving one’s life in a terrible situation, such as a good quality blade, and it might use for the long term. In addition to the protection, it might be presented as a gift to any of your relatives as a symbol of military service.

Protective Leather

The manufacturer of this equipment approached good quality leather that is quite durable and might be used for a long time.

In addition to good quality, it plays a vital role in protecting your blade to be durable and used for the long term.


This Knife’s handle is manufactured with the last that provides a strong and comfortable while holding this weapon. In addition to its comfort, it’s quite capable of cutting anything in the blink of an eye.

Cro van steel

Talking about its material  KA-Ba full-size Mainer Corps Fighting Knife has used 1095 Cro van steel to design this weapon that prevents the weapon from the destruction caused by chemical reactions or any environmental effect.

Additional Features

  • Comfortable
  • Good quality Pouch
  • Less risk of corrosion
  • Extra grip power
  • Easy to carry
  • Additional strength and durability
  • Slightly brute and exaggerated design
  • Difficult to open in initial days
  • Not fully serrated

Bottom Line

KA-BAR Marine fighting knives are one of the best products that you are looking for in military actions. It’s one of the best surprises for certain occasions such as birthday parties or wedding anniversaries.

2. SOG Fixed Blade knife – Best sharp under $50

best fixed blade survival knife under 50

Blade length4.75"
overall length9"
Blade shapeClip Point
Machete Weight5. 4 OUNCE

SOC knife is a perfect weapon to be used by any warrior.  Its length is approximately 4.75, and its handle includes good quality Nylon that provides a good grip while handling this Knife.

Its stainless steel is coated with a powder that is kept under a temperature of less than -300F, and after some specific time, it is heated to enhance the hardness of a blade.

SOG Steel

Its SOG Steel is manufactured with AUS 8 black Nitride. This steel is frozen properly under the temperature of -3ooF, and afterward, it provided sufficient heat to harden that SOG steel and prevent its edges from rusting.

SOG Support

This best survival knife under 50 is engineered with high-quality material that enables the material to be used for a long time as it’s not vanished too easily and provides you good support in a terrible situation.

Glass Reinforced Nylon

SOG weapon comprises sharp edges and clip-point shaped that provide a good grip and might cut wood, fish, or anything in the blink of an eye.

Mole-Compatible Sheath

The cover of this weapon acts as a shield as it prevents your weapon from further corrosion or any environmental damage.

You can carry this lightweight weapon by attaching it to your belt or covering it in an imported area so that it might long last for a huge period.

Additional Features

  • Good quality Nylon
  • Imported sheath
  • Light-weighted material
  • Good Grip
  • Good locking handles
  • Easy Grip
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Too sharp edges
  • Odd to rotate
  • Difficult use of blade

Bottom Line

If you want to perform outdoor activities such as hunting, Cutting fish, or wood for setting up the camps, it’s one of the best-commended products.

In addition to this, we will personally recommend this product as it has been tested by our teammates personally. Also, have a look at our other guide Best Budget Bushcraft Knife.

3. Gerber Gear Store – Survival Knife Under $50

best survival knife under 50 dollars

Blade MaterialHigh Carbon Stainless Steel
overall length9.75"
Blade shapeDrop Point
Weight1.08 pounds

This USA-manufactured weapon is mostly used to free yourself in case of a calamity. According to a recent survey, this weapon is often used in releasing the staff of various flights in emergency cases such as the hijacking of a plane by terrorists.

It comprises Ballistic Nylon to minimize the fire spread on non-flame-able objects.

Partially Serrated Plate

The best-fixed blade knife under 50 is manufactured with a partially serrated plate to sharpen its edges and prevent rusting and further corrosion caused by atmospheric effects.

Tight Thumb Lock

Gerber Gear is the best survival knife under 50. It is unlocked by applying your thumb pressure on its main lock for releasing that particular weapon cause of its tight lock.

Thus it reduces the risk of loose or falling of weapon caused by your body movement.

Bad Conductor

This weapon is an insulator as it does not conduct electricity which reduces the spreading of a shock.


This is quite comfortable as it facilitates the user with a smooth and firm grip. As a result, your weapon can’t be slipped from one’s hand while performing various activities such as cutting fish, cutting wood, and much more.


You would get a complete kit including a strap and Its sheath so that you might carry it conveniently by attaching it to the belt.

Additional Features

  • Sharp edges
  • Comfortable handling
  • Durable cover
  • Less risk of spreading current
  • Imported
  • Can tackle hammering
  • Bearable budget
  • Good Grip
  • Risky to use

Bottom Line

If you are offended by loose lock knives, then Gerber Gear Store is the best solution to this problem as it comprises a tight lock, and your weapon is only un-locked by placing your thumb tightly on that specific.

This minimizes the risk of easy fall of your weapon cause of slight body movement

4. Schrade SCHF9 – Best survival knife under 50 dollars

best fixed blade knives under 50

Blade MaterialCarbon Steel
overall length12.1"
Blade shapeDrop Point
Weight1 Pounds

The responsibility of Schrade’s weapon is always handed to highly skilled labor possessing good knowledge regarding his profession. The imported Schrade weapons comprise good-quality knives, axes, and much more. Best survival knives under 50 facilitate you with easy opening, sharp blades, and long-lasting effects.


The approximate length of the whole weapon, including its blade size, is about 30.6 cm. However, if you talk about its length just in terms of the blade, that’s about 6.4 inches.

High Carbon Steel

Schrade SCHF9 craftsman has used a heavy quality 1095 carbon handle and black steel that enhances this weapon’s grip.


You might carry this weapon by attaching it to your belt, or it might be covered within a sheath that is quite easy to remove from the weapon.

Hence it’s a light weighted weapon that you can carry easily. Depending upon the way you feel convenient.


Schrade SCHF9 is safe to use cause use you have to use your thumb or specific figure to unlock that weapon.

Well, if you know a slight knowledge of tackling a particular weapon, then it’s in safe hands, and you can reach the peak level of using this weapon.


This weapon comprises of full tight lock and its structure as well as a small hole. So the risk of falling weapons is reduced to a great extent.

Additional features

  • Perfect length
  • Can perform the required task
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Light-weighted
  • Light-weighted
  • Good grip
  • Used for multiple purposes
  • Can carry easily
  • Small straps
  • Difficult to perform action task

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Bottom Line

Schrade SCHF9 is a light weighted weapon that you might use in a better way if you grab little knowledge regarding the use of specific knives.

Besides this, you might perform household activities in a better way as you can cut vegetables in the blink of an eye.

5. Bushlore Camp Knife – Under 50$

best survival knives under 50

Blade MaterialHigh Carbon Steel
Handle MaterialWood
Blade shapeStraight Back
Weight0.2 Kilograms

The Bushlore Camp knife is one of the best weapons designed by one skilled knife manufacturer. Bushlore camp is a widely known knife designed with good quality material, and it facilitates the customer on a long-term basis. It comprises good quality leather, and you will enjoy its durability on a long-term basis.

High-Quality Material

Bushlore Camp knife is composed of fine quality material to maintain long-term relationships with their customers and attract them on the first attempt.


Bushlore camp knife is widely known for its durability and stability as it can’t be broken too quickly and might be used on a long-term basis.

Sharp Blade

This best fixed-blade survival knife under 50 possesses a sharp blade composed of stainless steel that may cut categories of things such as fish, wood, and much just in the blink of an eye.

Leather pouch

Bushlore camp’s knife pouch is manufactured with pure quality leather that adds value to the Knife’s beauty.

In addition to its elegance, it prevents its blade from further corrosion and rusting cause of environmental effects.


Its handle is designed with original wood that enhances a weapon’s beauty and provides us with a comfortable grip and is easier to carry.

Additional Features

  • Good quality pouch
  • High-Quality Material
  • Handmade wood
  • Sharp Blade
  • Stainless steel
  • Comfortable grip
  • Light-weighted
  • Perform task easily
  • It can’t use in calamity

Bottom Line

A Bachelor e camp knife is an appropriate weapon for performing campsite activities. Also, it enables you to cut wood in one go while setting up camps for picnic or hunting purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we have compiled a list of the best fixed-blade knives that facilitate you with quite exciting features on a reasonable budget.

In my perspective, SOG Fixed Blade Knife is the best one as it has been tested by our team personally.

Well, all of the weapons mentioned above have been designed after detailed analysis so they will meet customer requirements.

✔️ Conclusion

Here we have mentioned all of the best survival knives under 50 that meet the customers’ massive requirements at reasonable rates.

All of the above weapons facilitate the customers with exciting features at their end. Moreover, we have to select any one of them according to our taste and requirements.

? Recommendation

All of the above knives work in the best way at their end, but in my perspective, the weapon mentioned on the second number will be appropriate as it has been tested personally by our team of experts.

? Additional Information

Here is a comparison table for the best surviving blade knives for different requirements.

Name of productBest activity that is suitable forbenefitsConsequences

KA-BAR Marine corps fighting Knife

For military actions, Forgiving gifts as a symbol of army services·Extra grip power

·Easy to carry· Additional strength and durability


·Slightly brute and exaggerated design

·Difficult to open in initial days ·Not fully serrated

SOG Fixed Blade Knife

Haunting, Cutting Fish, Cutting woods·Imported sheath

·Light-weighted material·Good Grip

·Too sharp edges

·Odd to rotate ·Difficult use of blade


Gerber Gear Store

Cutting purposes.Imported

.Can tackle hammering.Bearable budget.Good Grip

·Risky to use


Schrade SCHF9

For outdoor activities such as hiking, cutting fish, cutting woods.Perfect length

.Can perform the required task·Accurate dimensions ·Light-weighted

·Small straps

·Difficult to perform  action task 

Bushlore Camp Knife

Campsite activities·Handmade wood

·Sharp Blade.Stainless steel


·It can’t use in calamity.