Best Custom Bushcraft Knife – High-Rated Options for 2023

Bushcraft custom-built knives are genuinely suitable for all individuals who want to experience outdoor activities like hunting, setting camps, cutting wood, and much more. Bushcraft custom bushcraft knife manufacturers specially designed this knife for everyday and outdoor activities.

In addition to outdoor activities, its genuine leather sheath adds worth to its value. However, its elegant leather pouch plays a crucial role in preventing it from rusting to let the individual benefit from this tool on a long-term basis. After all, its exotic wood handle facilitates the user with a firm grip. Hence, you might work for long consecutive hours without any fatigue.

Apart from that, it’s highly reliable as the best custom survival knife brand verified their tool hundreds of times before delivering it to stakeholders or the primary market. If such a great knife doesn’t meet your requirement, the company will refund the invested amount in this product.

However, the best custom bushcraft knife makers always approach original leather to manufacture sheaths of such appealing knives. Moreover, individuals might use it on a long-term basis just with little maintenance.

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List of Best Custom Bushcraft Knife in 2023

Hereafter burning midnight oils, we have compiled a list of the topmost custom bushcraft knives to perfectly explore outdoor adventure and military activities.

  • JEO-TEC N21 Bushcraft Knife
  • JEO-TEC N51 Bushcraft Knife
  • TOPS Knives BOB
  • JOE-TEC N55
  • Morakniv Companion Heavy-Duty Knife
  • LionSteel M1 Bushcraft fixed-blade knife
  • JEO-TEC N9 Bushcraft Survival Hunting Knife
  • JEO-TEC N33 Survival Hunting Knife
  • Bobcat Knives
  • Bobcat Custom Handmade Knives

1. JEO-TEC N21 – Best Bushcraft Custom Knives

best custom bushcraft knife

A long-lasting weapon designed with layers of high-quality material such as paper and linen is combined at colossal pressure and temperature to develop corrosion and shock-resistant tools. On the other hand, JEO-TEC N21 survival weapons are lightweight and let individuals work for massive consecutive hours.


Best custom survival knife designers approach tropical American woods to ensure a firm handle grip so that individuals could meet task requirements in a better way.

Apart from custom knives, COCOBOLO and GRANDILLO woods are often used to assuring a firm handle grip for a gun. These high-end woods possess a firm density that makes these materials pretty individual and unique.


JEO-TEC N21 haunting knives involve the use of Bohler N690 Cobalt, which’s one of the finest alloying elements to enhance blade sharpness.

Moreover, the addition of such high-quality material increases blade sharpness. Thus, users might cut wood or anything else within a matter of minutes.

All you need is to secure the knife in an imported leather sheath when not used to maintain blade sharpness for a long time.

Leather Sheath

JEO-TEC knifeN21 dealers facilitate the customer with original leather pouches to secure weapons perfectly. Furthermore, these sheaths are manufactured with elegant leather with a highly soft texture.

Thus this incredible measure makes this ouch one of the perfect places to secure an appealing weapon. if you want to know how to make a leather sheath for a knife then read the guide here.

Additional Features

  • Ancient Olive Woods
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic handle prevents fatigue
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Strong heated treated Blade
  • Stubborn belt loop
  • Need sharpening before use
  • Slight loose thumb

Bottom Line

Any individual wishing to get facilitated with a light weighted custom bushcraft knife to experience outdoor activities in a better way then must opt for a JIO-TEC bushcraft knife blindfolded. Because of lightweight and sharpened blades, individuals might perfectly perform the required task.

Furthermore, its ergonomic handle assures a firm grip on massive individuals. Thus he might work for long consecutive hours without any fatigue.

2. JEO-TEC N51 – Best Custom Bushcraft Survival Camping Knife

best Bushcraft Survival Camping Knife

Besides haunting, individuals might use JIO-TEC N51 custom-made bushcraft knives to explore fishing, hiking, setting tents, and other military activities. However, N51 knife developers passed sharp-edged weapons through massive verifications before stakeholders or main markets dealing in specific products. Furthermore, the JEO-TEC N51 survival knife is pretty compatible to get adjusted in bag packs, jeans pockets, leather pouches, and other related items.


Molybdenum Vanadium falls in the category of unique steel elements used for designing blades in bushcraft and folding knives.

Moreover, Molybdenum and vanadium are combined under extensive pressure and a massive temperature of about 56-58 HRC to make it stain-resistant and capable of surviving in a challenging environment.


JEO –TECH N51 can survive under high temperatures, and rugged environments as the best custom bushcraft knife brands approached multiple layers of high-end materials.

In addition to this, various materials such as paper, linen, and canvas are merged at immense humidity and high pressure to be shock resistant.

Thus, because of these high-quality materials, JEO-TEC N51 is entirely corrosion and shock-resistant.

Scandi Grind

N51 Survival Knives facilitate the customer with sharp edges to cut specific items into pieces within the blink of an eye. Besides this, JEO-TEC N51 survival possesses sharp-edge stainless blades for efficient cutting and a better outdoor experience.

Thus it’s one of the top weapons to have the pleasure of outdoor adventure.

Additional Features

  • Original leather pouch
  • Sharp Blade
  • Rust resistant
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • Might use for craving
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Small straps
  • Risky to use
  • Not fully serrated

Bottom Line

If you desire a perfect hunting experience, setting up camps, and exploring hill stations in a better way, you must opt for JEO-TEC N 51 knife with an ergonomic handle.

On the other hand, its long-lasting stainless Blade completely meets individual demands for better cutting and craving because of its sharp edges. Apart from that, it’s pretty compatible to adjust in the user’s hands. Thus you might use weapons for a long time.

3. TOP Knives BOB BROS-01 – Brothers of Bushcraft Knife

Brothers of Bushcraft Knife

TOP Knives BOB is one of the best custom bushcraft knives to split target materials into pieces within a matter of seconds. Further, it’s the perfect tool for setting up camps and cravings. In addition to this, individuals might use this weapon for hiking, fishing, and exploring other activities. In Fact, by gaining little knowledge, you might be pro regarding its use.

Titanium Steel

TOP Knives BOM is in great demand by massive individuals as it falls in the category of best custom bushcraft knives. Like other weapons, TOP Knives comprises elegant titanium steel coated with massive carbon to make it a corrosion and rust-resistant weapon.

Besides, this 15.2-inch sharp edge blade weighing about 1lb 3.9 ounces is quite compatible to get adjusted in luggage or a user’s hand at a specific angle.


Furthermore, this elegant knife facilitates the individual with an original leather belt with pure black contrast. Thus, an individual might secure his weapon by locking it with provided, which minimizes the risk of losing a specific gun.

Apart from its appealing touch, custom bushcraft knife designers ensure Availability in different sizes and colors depending on the individual’s taste.


TOP Knife BOBs are pretty versatile as their main goal is to facilitate the customer by long-term use. On the other hand, this elegant weapon comprises imported material that adds value to its performance.

In addition, this individual might lock an assisting kit, folding knife, and other tools for his security. Besides self-defense, massive people adopt its use for chopping and batoning wood for perfect cutting.


Like other weapons, TOP Knives BOB is quite light-weighted. Hence individuals might carry out required takin a splendid manner.

Moreover, people might grab this weapon in single hands and comfortably perform specific tasks.

Additional Features

  • Sporting black belt
  • Attachment for Ferro rod
  • Good Grip
  • Rugged
  • Reliable
  • Fully coated Blade
  • Thick
  • Not perfect for comprehensive work
  • The blade might be short for some users

Bottom Line

Any individual looking for a firm grip weapon and the capability to perform massive functionalities must select TOP Knives BOB.

Furthermore, you are provided with a user manual in case you are facing difficulty regarding its use. Hence with little practice, users might achieve strong skills regarding its use.

4. JEO-TEC N55 – Best Bushcraft Survival Knife

Best Bushcraft Survival Knife

Massive individuals import JEO-TEC N55 survival knives from Europe and fall in the category of top reliable weapons that individuals might use. Furthermore, custom bushcraft knives use D2 iron steel, widely known for their uncompromising quality and sharp edges. Again, N55 survival knives are among the rear weapons to support micarta handles that require less maintenance than other tools. Furthermore, it is accompanied by imported leather for better security. Moreover, individuals must keep it away from the range of kids for safety measures. Moreover, you can also read our other guide on the Best Bushcraft Survival Knife.

100% risk-free

Best custom survival knives are highly reliable and safe to use as our experts verified specially crafted several times before delivering their stock to main markets and stakeholders.

Furthermore, JOE-TEC aims to entertain the customer with quality products from long-term relations. After all, the user might get the chance to refund his invested amount if he is not satisfied with a specific product.

Long Life Guarantee

Custom survival knife manufacturers aim to facilitate the customer with imported items that individuals might use on a long-term basis. JOE-TEC weapons are specially designed for rugged environments to prevent the weapon from rusting and corrosion issues.

In addition to this, N55 survival knife dealers often offer a replacement policy if the weapon is appropriately used or purchased from a 3rd party.

Anti -Slip handle

Apart from all of these qualities best custom bushcraft knives are equipped with anti-slip handles. After all, it’s designed to provide a solid grip to the user of this specific weapon.

Although you are sweating or holding the weapon with wet hands, we assure you that it will not slip off. Thus users might maintain a firm grip for long consecutive hours and perform specific tasks splendidly.

Stainless steel

The concept of stainless steel is entirely different from high carbon particles. Although an individual might need to sharpen his weapon before functionality, high-quality steel ensures its quality on a long-term basis.

However, because of the uncompromising steel quality, users might face a bit of difficulty while sharpening, but on the other hand, you need minor maintenance in comparison with different weapons.

Furthermore, VG10, CPM S35V, CPM154cm, and CPM 3v are some widely known categories of stainless steel that an individual might select depending on his taste.

Additional Features

  • Genuine Leather
  • High-resistant Micarta Handle
  • Sharpener stone
  • Outstanding comfort
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Smaller Blade
  • Not suitable for fire starting
  • Blade coating might chip off

Bottom Line

Some individuals always remain in a double-minded state regarding selecting products; JOE-TEC N55 survival knives are perfectly suitable for them. Therefore they must try this survival knife temporarily.

Suppose you are not satisfied with product quality, in that case, the JOE-TEC brand will facilitate them via a replacement policy if the weapon is used correctly or directly purchased from the primary dealing market.

Thus because of such incredible measures, JOE-TEC falls in the category of best custom bushcraft knives.

5. M-12494Morakniv Companion Heavy-Duty Knife

best chopping knife survival

Morakniv Companion survival knives genuinely fall in the category of well-packaged weapons on quite a decent budget. After all, the best custom-made bushcraft knives are highly suitable for multifunctional activities, including the firing of wood, cutting of fish, lighting up camps, and much more. Furthermore, its 4.9-inch steel benefit’s the customer for an extended period compared to other hunting survival knives. However, for further details, users might visit trusted websites or make a call to mentioned contact.

Anti-Slip Rubber Grip

Hence best custom survival knives benefit massive customers via giant sets of preventive measures. Moreover, the integrated fire starter assists newcomers in performing multiple functionalities such as chopping fish, splitting wood into pieces, setting up tents, and vice versa.

After all, the integrated fire starter technique involves magnesium alloy to emit good heat at a high temperature of 3500 degrees Celsius.

Durable Blade

Well talking about details, Morakniv knife manufacturers use durable stainless steel due to the perfect length of 4.5 inches and weighing about 4.5 ounces. However, the Morakniv brand aims to entertain customers via long-term use for better customer relations.

Moreover, you might perform specific tasks such as cutting sea objects and splitting wood within the blink of an eye. On the other hand, stainless steel is far better than carbon steel, letting the individual use the weapon for a considerable period.

Color matching Sheath

Along with its fascinating package, the people dealing in specific brands facilitate their customers via various specifications such as a complete kit, a great leather pouch, a user manual, a color-matching sheath, and much more.

Thus, an individual might secure his knife in a fascinating color-matching sheath to maintain its sharp Blade on a long-term basis.

Furthermore, you might lock your weapon with a high-quality belt as a precautionary measure. Furthermore, its perfectly matching Sheath enables the user to prevent custom-made bushcraft knives from rusting or corrosion issues.

Easy to use

Morakniv companion knives are pretty easy to use even if you fall into the category of an efficient individual. All you need is to learn basic tactics regarding its use.

Furthermore, it’s accompanied by a user guide that you might approach in case of any confusion.

Additional Features

  • Sharp edges
  • Easy craving
  • Assisted with user manual guide
  • Budget-friendly weapon
  • Easy and smooth craving
  • Bottom serration for cutting and tearing
  • Short in size
  • Not fully serrated
  • Slight loose thumb lock

Bottom Line

If you are an inefficient weapon user and desire to learn basic tactics regarding the best custom bushcraft knives, you must try Morakniv companion heavy-duty knives. After all, its firm Grip and perfect weight make this weapon relatively easy to use. Thus, you might be a pro regarding the usage of custom survival bushcraft knives by knowing basic knowledge.

6. LionSteel M1 – Best custom Bushcraft Fixed Blade Knife

Best custom Bushcraft Fixed Blade Knife

LionSteel M1 Bushcraft Fixed Blade Knife falls in the category of best custom bushcraft knives that perfectly suits massive individuals exploring outdoor adventures such as hiking, wood chopping, visiting hill stations, and cutting sea creatures and versa.

Lionsteel survival emphasizes facilitating individuals with a fascinating package on quite a decent budget. On the other hand, it’s a well-packaged weapon that benefits the individual belonging to every category. It doesn’t matter whether he is a newbie or an expert.

Carbon Steel

Lionsteel M1 Bushcraft Knife possesses a carbon steel blade to maintain its sharp edges. Thus this specification makes your weapon more fascinating in comparison with its other versions.

In addition to this, individuals might use carbon steel blades for an extended period. Apart from it, a sharp-cutting carbon steel blade provides you with maximum facilities compared to a metal blade.

Full Tang Design

Apart from wood chopping and cutting of sea creatures, Lion Steel Fixed blade knife designers introduced complete and elegant weapons that ensure maximum functionalities on a pretty decent budget.

After all, Lionsteel brand weapons are pretty light weighted as compared to other weapons. Thus individuals might enjoy working on this weapon for massive hours.

On the other hand, the user might set its Blade at a specific angle depending on his comfort.

Elegant Shield

Apart from preventive measures and the best functionalities, the Lionsteel M1 Fixed Blade Knife brand provides a complete kit including a high-quality belt, great leather shield, user guide manual, and much more.

However, its elegant plastic protection plays a crucial role in maintaining blade sharpness and enabling individuals to perform required tasks within a matter of seconds.

Although its plastic pouch is quite fascinating, some individuals go for a leather sheath as plastic might be damaged by minor negligence.

Ergonomic Handle

The M1 knife possesses an ergonomically designed weapon that allows the individual to grab the knife in multiple ways.

However, you might use your thumb directed towards the Blade or grab the handle’s end depending on the angle the individual feels comfortable.

Additional Features

  • Availability of different colors
  • Compatible to adjust
  • Durable
  • Legendary Blade construction
  • Assisted opening
  • Compact yet useable size
  • Blade close mechanism requires a learning curve
  • Slight narrow handle
  • The blade might rust in a wet atmosphere

Bottom Line

Any individual wants to maintain blade sharpness for an extended period in such a condition that the lion steel m1 bushcraft knife is the best custom survival knife he must select.

After all, because of its massive functionalities, it has earned good reviews from huge people worldwide. Just try this weapon once in your life; we assure you to fall in love with such a fascinating product.

7. JOE-TEC N9 – Best Custom Bushcraft Knife

Best Custom Bushcraft Knife

JEO-TEC N9 bushcraft knives are specially designed for splendid survival in rugged environments. They aim to provide benefits to massive individuals while attempting everyday tasks such as exploring outdoor adventures, traveling long routes, visiting hill stations, and much more. However, it’s pretty compatible to adjust in luggage, jeans pocket, leather pouch, and much more. Thus by owing little knowledge, an individual might grab vital skills via little practice.

Quite Reliable

Best custom-made bushcraft knives are quite reliable items to approach for multifunctional tasks. However, the JOE-TEC N9 brand verifies it several times at its end before transferring to the main markets.

Moreover, individuals keep such hazardous items away from the range of children to avoid severe damage. Furthermore, any individual not satisfied regarding its usage might swap the product or refund the pending amount via exchange or return policy.

Long term usage

Apart from safety precautions, the JOE TEC brand facilitates their customers via quality products for better relationships. They test the product at their end.

Moreover, if any fault appears in the product, the customer might avail refund policy to get back the invested amount in a specific product.

Leather Sheath

In addition to all functionalities, specific brands facilitate the individual with the complete kit, including a leather pouch, user manual guide, and vice versa. However, the elegant leather pouch plays a crucial role in securing its sharp edges.

Furthermore, it assures its Availability in massive colors that an individual might select depending on his taste.

Leather Belt

In addition to an elegant leather pouch, the company facilitates you with a leather belt included in that kit. However, you might lock that leather sheath to provide a strap for enhanced security purposes.

Additional Features

  • Perfect blade length
  • High-quality wood
  • Quite versatile
  • Straight Blade and properly attached scale
  • Quite durable and tough
  • Solid handle construction
  • Loose fit design
  • Difficult to pull off the knife
  • Might difficult to use for some users

Bottom Line

If you want to perform a specific task for long consecutive hours, you must go for JOE-TEC N9 as it’s pretty light-weighted, and individuals might grab it for long straight hours.

Furthermore, you might need to get leather sheaths as a preventive measure.

8 JOE-TEC N35 – Best Survival Hunting Knife

Best Survival Hunting Knife

JOE-TEC N35 is quite a versatile and durable weapon ever launched by the JOR-TEC brand. Furthermore, it’s a highly suitable item to get adjusted in your luggage while moving out to explore outdoor adventure and traveling long routes. Apart from military activities, the best custom-made bushcraft knives primarily aim to facilitate the user with catching sea objects, hiking rescues, chopping wood, and much more. Furthermore, it’s 100% reliable because of countless verifications before its Availability in different markets.


Best bushcraft knife designers aim to provide durable and versatile material to beloved individuals. Therefore, adopt different layers of imported material such as paper, canvas, or linen.

Furthermore, these imported materials are merged under extreme pressure to facilitate the public with long-lasting material as an output. Thus because of all of these measures, JOE-TEC survival knives are completely corrosion and rust-resistant.

COCOBOLO Exotic Wood

COCOBOLO Exotic Wood is often referred to as Central American hardwood, often approached while designing high-quality weapons for convenient use. It plays a vital role in letting the specific weapon through its exposure to water.

Besides guns, it’s also used for gun handle manufacturing. However, its quite dense specification makes it idle and individual in comparison with other bushcraft knives.


Molybdenum and vanadium are quite elegant materials that are highly approached while designing stainless steel. Furthermore, the excellent combination of these two elements at extreme temperature make the stainless steel and overall item more usable.

Moreover, it plays a crucial role in maintaining the sharpness of weapons on a long-term basis.

Additional Features

  • Multi-position Sheath
  • Handcrafted
  • Sharpener stone
  • Lightweight at three ounces
  • Finger guard
  • Durable and strong
  • Might chip
  • The coating might wear off
  • Need hatchet for heavier duty task

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Bottom Line

In case any individual wants the splitting of sea creatures ordering wood within a matter of seconds, he must opt for HEO-TEC N35 knives.

However, it is in great demand for massive individuals because of bushcraft knife designers’ incredible quality and measurements.

9. EDC D2 Bobcat hunting – Best Custom Handmade Fixed Blade Knife

best Custom Handmade Fixed Blade Knife

Like other bushcraft weapons, bobcat knives are pretty suitable for military and other co-curricular and outdoor activities. Apart from that, the company facilitates you with a leather pouch to maintain Durability and sharpness on a long-term basis; apart from that, its complete tang design adds value to its sleek design and boosts performance.

Applicable occasions

Bobcat hunting knives are pretty suitable for every occasion, such as hunting, fishing, and much more. An anti-slip handle, sleek design, and perfect weight completely assure the individual that you might depend on such an elegant and appealing designed weapon.

Hence because of these specifications, it falls in the category of best custom bushcraft knives.

TANG Construction

D2 steel blade adds value to its performance as it might enter inside the handle without any specific joint, weld, or other assisting material.

Furthermore, besides being corrosion resistant, it is highly tough and durable, boosting its performance while attempting action tasks such as wood chopping and splitting various objects quickly.


A perfectly designed knife weighs around 9 inches with a required blade length of about 4.75 inches.

On the other hand, when we negotiate about its thickness, it’s about 4.5mm, extremely lightweight about 8 ounces equal to 231 grams.

Additional Features

  • Come along authenticity certificate
  • Tang Construction
  • Leather sheath
  • Assures flawless performance
  • Full tang constructions
  • Accompanied with care instructions and storage
  • The sheath is only right-handed
  • Grip might be large for people with small hands
  • Might rust

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Bottom Line

Along with slang design, any individual desiring to boost his weapon performance must use Bobcat hunting knives. After all, it’s constructed in such a way that its complete tang design highly issues its flawless performance along with its authenticity certificate.

10. Bravo EDC Knife Damascus Steel – Best Custom Handmade Bushcraft Knife

Best custom bushcraft knife

Custom handmade knives are one of the best custom bushcraft knives, ensuring the customers’ long-lasting performance and a fascinating leather pouch to maintain their sharpness. Furthermore, it possesses a stainless steel chain along with an incredible clip, making it preferable for multi-tasking and exploring other outdoor adventures.

TANG Construction

Bobcat knives adopt the usage of Damascus steel that conveniently enters inside the angle without assisting joint or welding technique. After all, this incredible knife aims to entertain the customer with several years of performance.


Weapons of perfect length assist massive individuals in performing enormous functionalities splendidly. On the other hand, if we emphasize the Blade, it’s approximately 4.5 inches tall and wide.

Moreover, it’s pretty light-weighted because the weight is about 7.6 ounces, probably equal to 220 grams.

Massive usage

Custom bushcraft knives let the individual use such appealing weapons for multiple occasions such as wood chopping, lighting camps, and vice versa. Thus, it depends on the task requirement depending on the specific situation.

Additional Features

  • Light-weighted
  • Handcrafted
  • High-quality wood handle
  • High-quality weapon
  • Might tackle hammering
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Risky to use
  • Difficult use of Blade

Bottom Line

Any individual desiring to have the pleasure of a handcrafted knife in terms of performance and elegant appearance should possess a BOB CUT handmade weapon.

On the other hand, its solid wood handle adds value to its elegance and makes massive individuals purchase It in one go.

? Conclusion

After burning midnight oil, our expert team assures us of the best custom bushcraft knives that individuals might use for an extended period. Furthermore, the selection of specific weapons depends on the customer’s taste according to the particular situation.

Apart from this, the individual might facilitate a return and replacement policy if the specified weapon doesn’t meet his expectations.

Furthermore, the product is swappable under the condition that it’s purely used and purchased from a direct party.

? Recommendation

Hence, all of the mentioned weapons benefit the individual with incredible functionalities. But on the other hand, according to recent research, users should go for JOE-TEC N55 and Bobcat knives as these weapons provide maximum functionalities on quite a decent budget.

Furthermore, these two weapons, especially the JOE-TEC N9 knife, have earned massive likes and appealing reviews from huge people worldwide.

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