Best Bushcraft Survival Knives in 2023 – Essential in the Wild

If you are tired of looking for the best bushcraft survival knife with a solid and fixed blade for survival in the wilderness, then you are not at the wrong place. A survival knife is the most important thing one is looking for before planning an exposure in the wilderness.

One must try any of the survival knives mentioned below. Much research is done to make the readers learn about the knife and make them adventure the world of forests.

Best Bushcraft Survival Knife for 2023

The natural world is extremely cruel, and you have to take some necessary measures while exploring it. Also, if you have the right set of tools, then you are ready to go! For this purpose, the first and foremost thing to have in your pocket is a knife.

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A perfect knife helps you defend yourself and also helps you follow your passion for carving. It can help you with a lot of things. Below we will discuss the 10 best bushcraft survival knives that you can use for several purposes.

1. Spyderco Proficient Fixed Blade Knife– Best PlainEdge Knife

best survival knife for the money

Spyderco is a knife designed for multitasking. Whether you want to carve, design, or safeguard yourself in the wilderness, this knife will help you accomplish many purposes. Moreover, this high-performing knife will never disappoint you as it has salient features. This highly durable knife has an amazing cutting performance. Furthermore, the cherry on top is its corrosion resistance. Hence, it is the best survival knife for the money.

Reliable and high-performing knife:

Spyderco offers a great knife that is truly reliable and will never ditch you. Besides, it has fantastic cutting-edge power.

Apart from that, this knife saves you when your life is at risk and helps you to accomplish your carving desires. Without a doubt, it is the best survival bushcraft knife.

Well designed

A wilderness expert, Chris Claycomb, designed this survival knife which is good in many different ways. This knife is made of superior quality material with amazing cutting power that helps you design anything with its sharp edge.

Outdoor Knife

This knife is specifically designed for outdoor activities. Meaning, one can take this knife anywhere to perform outdoor activities such as bushcraft.

Also, this knife is used for self-defense in the wilderness. It comes with a fixed blade. This Bushcraft survival knife helps you perform several activities.

Superior quality blade

The blade of this great survival knife is made up of steel. Moreover, this proficient knife’s blade is made up of stainless steel out of titanium-rich CPM S90V. This Survival bushcraft knife is loved by most hunters.


The scales of its incredible full-tanged handles are made up of solid carbon fiber. It is designed for comfortable use.

Removal of hot spots takes place instantly so that they don’t become permanent. This full-tang survival knife is surprisingly everybody’s favorite.

Additional features

  • Fixed-blade
  • Handcrafted Leather Sheath
  • High-performing knife with a sharp edge
  • Handmade survival knives
  • Sharp edge
  • Portable knife
  • Designed for outdoor activities
  • It can be used as a bushcraft survival knife
  • Leather sheath bothers many people

2. Benchmade – Bushcrafter 162– Best Fixed Outdoor Survival Knife

best survival bushcraft knife

Benchmade – bushcraft 162 is a good-looking knife designed for the trail. The body of this knife resists corrosion which is the best thing about this knife. Bushcraft survival knives help people in several different ways.

Designed for the trial:

This knife is designed with a robust and rugged style to perform unmatched functions. It is a tough knife that also helps you survive. Aside from that, this tool has versatile features and is always meant for users. This knife is the best bushcraft survival knife for the majority of hunters.

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American-made steel:

This knife uses CPM-S30V steel for corrosion resistance and edge retention. It has a precision drop-point to create a more powerful strength and diversity. Wilderness experts admire the survival bushcraft knife.

Increased durability of the handle:

The g10 handle is extremely durable with a resin-soaked fiberglass body that acts against moisture, keeps the knife safe, and accommodates itself in every climate type.

A survival bushcraft knife helps to defend against wild animals.

Fixed-blade design

This fixed-blade design is proof that the knife is stable in every possible way. One can use this knife without any worries.

It also comes with e leather sheath that makes it more comfortable during use. This full-tang survival knife has all a person needs for a camping adventure.

Additional features

  • Green and red hand-blended handle
  • Fixed-blade
  • Stainless steel edge
  • Multipurpose bushcraft survival knife
  • Unisex knife
  • High-quality fiberglass material used
  • Leather sheath handle
  • Sturdy body
  • Works great for bushcraft survival
  • Some customers have size issues

3. ESEE RB3 Reuben Bolieu– Best Fixed Blade Survival Knife

best survival knife in the world

ESEE RB3 knife is made up of 1095 steel. Moreover, 1095 steel is given much priority for making cutlery that is styled for sturdy usage. This survival knife is designed for outdoor purposes. Furthermore, it is a high-performing knife that has several other features that are discussed below. This is considered the best full-tang survival knife that assists campers in many ways.

Survival knife:

ESEE is designed as a survival knife. It works wonders for safeguarding yourself in the wilderness. Self-defense is truly possible if you have this incredible knife. This manufacturer makes high-end survival knives.


The ideal length of the knife is proof that it is portable and easily adjusted in your pockets. Besides, the knife’s overall length is 8.125 inches, while the length of the blade is 3.50 inches.

The blade thickness measures about 0.13 inches. Handmade survival knives are the best when used in the wilderness.


The material used to make the knife is of top-notch quality. Meaning, 1095 carbon steel is used to manufacture this knife.

There is no argument on the material if this knife is of superb quality. Carbon steel survival knives are great when used by experts.

Handle length:

The overall handle length is 4.625 inches with a thickness of 0.80 inches, making this knife portable for the carrier.

Aside from that, the weight of the knife is 5.87 ounces which is quite an ideal weight. High-carbon steel survival knives have a great handle length.

Lifetime guarantee:

The knife comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer’s side. Isn’t that a good thing? As users can buy the knife without giving it a second thought.

Additional features

  • Specifically designed for unisex-adult
  • Synthetic material is used
  • Designed for hunting purposes
  • Best stainless steel survival knife
  • Ideal weight
  • Portable knife
  • The quality is worth the money
  • Comfortable to use
  • Thickness is up to the mark
  • Various survival knife designs
  • The knife coup to harmful chemicals

4. CELTIBEROCOCO – Best Outdoor Survival Knife

best stainless steel survival knife

This exceptionally thick knife is ideal for many people due to its shape and body. Moreover, it comes with a carbon blade that protects the knife from corrosion. Additionally, the knife is secured with a black coating which is the most amazing fact about the knife. This stainless-steel survival knife has various features that are discussed below.

Sharp blade:

The knife is made of an intense sharp blade with a ⅛-inch thick carbon steel blade protected by an anti-corrosive black coating. A carbon steel survival knife is an important investment to make.

Blade length:

The knife is constructed with a 4.3″ blade length. Furthermore, this remarkable knife is constructed with a thickness of 0.125″. Simultaneously, the overall length of the knife is 9.3″, which is liked by all the users.

The users admire the weight of this knife as it weighs around 5.7 oz. This heavy-duty survival knife has an amazing length.

Rubber handle:

The knife is designed with an ergonomic rubber handle that has a great friction grip. This is the best large survival knife that fulfills many needs.

MOLLE-compatible sheath:

This survival knife comes with a MOLLE-compatible sheath designed with heavy-duty nylon along with a bungee closure. Isn’t this satisfying?

This best survival knife also has great functions to perform.

Limited warranty

The manufacturer offers only a limited lifetime warranty which is not sufficient for avid survival knife users. However, the knife is manufactured in Sweden.

The best survival knives are always worth the money.

Additional features:

  • Styled with a serrated blade
  • Carbon steel material is used
  • The best steel for a survival knife is used to manufacture this knife.
  • Perfect for skinning a deer
  • Easy-grip
  • Portable to handle
  • Sharp edge
  • Best chopping knife survival
  • Some people admire a full tang knife
  • Wide finger groove

5. Morakniv Bushcraft Black Blade – Best Tactical Knife

best hunting survival knife

Campers, hunters, and wildlife enthusiasts must know about the CELTIBEROCO knife because it is particularly styled for outdoor purposes. These knives are mostly used in rough and tough conditions. This knife is considered the best survival knife in the world.

Wooden handle:

Wooden handles are the most in-demand feature when it comes to outdoor knives. The wooden handle makes this knife more fascinating. Also, it is the best outdoor survival knife.

Stainless steel body:

The knife’s body is made of stainless steel, which makes it stand out among other knives. Several survival knife brands offer different types of knives.

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Blade cut:

This handmade knife comes with a blade cut by a laser. Moreover, the blade cust is sharp with powerful edges. The best survival knives in the world have the highest-performing blade cuts.

Overall length:

The knife’s overall length is 10.82 inches with a blade length of 5.70 inches and a blade thickness of 4 inches, which makes the knife more reliable than other knives.

The best survival knife brands offer different designs of knives.

Leather sheath:

Here comes the most important feature of this knife: the genuine leather sheath that makes it more comfortable for the user to grip the knife.

Additionally, this best hunting survival knife comes with a great leather sheath.

Additional features:

  • Sturdy body
  • Full tang knife
  • The knife has a sharpener stone and a Firestarter
  • Best wilderness survival knife
  • This knife has great value for money
  • Amazing craftsmanship
  • Multipurpose knife
  • Sharp edge
  • Perfect for hunting
  • Best affordable survival knife
  • Not ideal for left-handed people
  • Snap closure does not open easily

6. Morakniv Companion Heavy-Duty Knife – Best heavy-duty companion knife

best chopping knife survival

This heavy-duty knife is styled to perform outdoor activities. Moreover, the material used for the manufacturing of this incredible knife is of high quality. Aside from that, this knife is also used in tough situations. The Morakniv companion knife is the survival combat knife.

High-end edge performance

High-carbon steel is used for the manufacturing of this knife. Moreover, the resharpening procedure is quite easy as the knife has a classic scandi grind.

Bushcraft survival is not possible without this knife.

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High-friction grip

The knife comes with an exceptionally high-friction grip handle that is large. This handle works wonders in cold and wet conditions. The knife has a great comfort level that helps it to work safely.

A survival knife with a firestarter is top-rated and most loved by foresters.

Plastic sheath

The knife is designed with a hard plastic sheath that helps to secure the knife. Also, this plastic sheath matches the color of the knife.

Besides, your comfort level is not tested while you carry this knife along with you. This manufacturer makes custom-made survival knives that are of outstanding quality.

Limited lifetime warranty

The manufacturer issues a limited lifetime warranty which is sufficient for some but is not for many. This company makes heavy-duty survival knives.

Overall size

The knife consists of 8.8 inches overall length with a blade thickness of 0.125 inches. Moreover, the blade length measures around 4.1 inches which is ideal in many conditions.

The knife weighs around 4.8 oz which is not too bad. The best survival knives are the only tool that helps one survive in the wilderness.

Additional features:

  • Designed for unisex-adult
  • Best survival knives of all time
  • Large Ergonomic handle
  • Amazingly designed
  • Matching sheath
  • Easy resharpening
  • best small survival knife
  • Contains chemicals
  • Rusting is the issue that persists

7. Morakniv Bushcraft– Best Fixed-Blade Survival Knife

best stainless steel survival knife

A bushcraft enthusiast loves this knife. Moreover, this knife is designed for rough and tough use. Meaning, the user can perform several tasks with the help of this remarkable knife. Also, the incredible knife works as a survival knife too. This company owns cheap survival knives.

Survival knife with a fixed blade

The knife is manufactured along a 4.3-inch fixed blade. Furthermore, the knife comes with a fire starter which makes this knife unique among others.

Additionally, the diamond knife sharpener makes this knife exceptionally excellent.

Perfect survival knife

This knife is considered the best survival knife as it is designed to perform outdoor activities. Even more, this knife is of great use for hunting, outdoor, survival, tactical applications, and emergencies.

High-friction rubber grip

It comes with a high-quality ergonomic handle with a high-friction rubber grip, which makes it easier for the user to use it. The sheath of this knife also has a blade sharpener and a fire starter.

Isn’t that worth buying?

All-weather fire starter

The incredible knife produces a 3000-degree Fahrenheit spark and a fire starter that yields 7000 strikes which work brilliantly even when the knife is wet.

Total length

The knife’s overall length constitutes about 9.1 inches, along with a blade thickness of ⅛ inch. The knife’s net weight is 7.5 oz, which is good enough for a bushcraft enthusiast.

Additional features:

  • Designed for unisex-adult
  • Comfortable sheath
  • Custom-made survival knife
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Survival pocket knife
  • Amazing sharpener
  • Easy and comfortable grip
  • Quality is worth the money
  • Multipurpose knife
  • There are chemicals in the knife

8. Ontario Knife Company 8696 Bushcraft– Best Field Knife

best outdoor survival knife

Ontario-based knife knives are perfect for campers as they fulfill their needs to a great extent. Additionally, the knife has become the favorite of many people due to its amazing features. Besides, this reasonably priced knife is worth every penny. If you want tactical survival knives, then you are at the right place.

Fixed blade knife

This particular life is designed with a durable fixed blade and comes with 1095 carbon steel, making the knife stand out in the crowd. It is known to be the best survival knife.

MOLLE-compatible sheath

This feature allows the user to carry it anywhere. Moreover, complete control over the knife makes it even more convenient for bushcraft enthusiasts. This particular knife works great as a hunting survival knife.

Folding knife

The company has made sure to fulfill customers’ needs and then designed the knives. Moreover, the company designed folding knives that make them more reliable and safe.

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The overall length of the knife is 10.30 inches which makes it comfortable for many users.

Plain edge

This knife has a plain edge, making it more durable and working smoothly.

Additional features:

  • Designed for a comfortable use
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Reasonably priced
  • Helps to perform multipurpose tasks
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Ideal weight and length
  • Harmful chemicals
  • Scales are Imperfectly fixed with the tangs

9. KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion– Best Fixed Blade Knife

best full tang survival knife

KA-BAR Becker is the best companion for hunters. Hunters love to explore the world of hunting with this remarkable knife. Moreover, it is a multipurpose knife with a plastic sheath. This can be one of your buying decisions if you are an avid hunter.

Full tang knife

A full tang heavy-duty knife is specially designed for camping buddies. People who love adventure can surely opt for this type of knife as it proves to be the best for hunting. One can accomplish all camping-related tasks with the help of this knife.

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The knife is manufactured in Olean, New York, USA. Moreover, the knife is designed by Ethan Becker.

Nylon sheath

The knife has an amazing structure that suits every camper. Additionally, its sheath is made up of nylon which is hard and black.

Fixed blade knife

The knife has a fixed blade style that helps the camper to work more efficiently. Furthermore,

Additional features:

  • Designed for unisex adults
  • Manufactured with 1095 carbon steel
  • Solid and reliable
  • Increased durability
  • Works great for cutting woods
  • Steel blade
  • It does not help to fight against the enemies or zombies
  • Exposed to chemicals

Frequently Asked Questions

The best bushcraft survival knife is known as the tool that helps you to cover all your needs. Moreover, this knife is designed to fulfill the multipurpose needs of the people.

Bushcraft knives are made up of superior-quality stainless steel. Furthermore, these knives have a good grip and are covered in plastic or a leather sheath. Usually, these knives help in cutting the wood.

A bushcraft knife must have a long and flat edge that turns upwards to meet the knife’s tip. Aside from that, the trip shouldn’t be very narrow. It must be able to function in different tasks.

The difference between the two is that a survival knife is used to save your life in the wilderness. On the contrary, the bushcraft knife is not necessarily designed for survival; its purpose is to refine wilderness skills.

? Conclusion

The article is all about the best bushcraft survival knives that help when the person is camping or hunting. The knives listed above have many features, and you will surely like one of them that suits you the best as your companion in the wilderness.

? Our Recommendations:

All the knives are excellent in their way, but as per our recommendations, KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife is the best one because of its features and diversity.