Best Machete for Camping, Bushcraft, and Survival in 2023

Look! If you are associated with the field of woodcutting, agriculture reinforcement or other outdoor adventures. Surely, you are in search of the best machete for camping, bushcraft and survival. If you are tired of buying such a machete whose blades aren’t sharp and dull shortly, the handle is hard to hold and rough, or the sheath is not entirely closed.

But Stop! You don’t have to worry anymore because we’re going to show you the best machetes on the market in 2022 with excellent strength and durability. Our team has compiled the top reviews, read and pick up the one which suits you.

List of Best Machetes: Camping, Bushcraft and Survival on the market in 2023

Machete Rating Price
Condor Tool & Knife - El Salvador Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
KA-BAR Becker - BK21⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
CRKT Mah-Chete - Upswept Blade⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Barebones Woodsman - NATA Tool⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Condor Tool & Knife - Parang Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Moorhaus D2 Machete Knife⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Condor Tool & Knife - Golok Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Schrade SCHKM1 - Kukri Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Tops MAC-170 Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Cold Steel - Tactical Tanto Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Kershaw Camp – Tan Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Gerber Gator Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Ontario - Military Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Gerber Versafix Pro - Machete Knife⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price

1: Condor Tool & Knife – El Salvador Machete – Best for Bushcraft

Blade Length18 Inches
Blade Thickness3 mm
Machete Length23 1/4
Machete Weight0.2 Kilograms

The best thing about this high-end machete is a perfect balance. It comes razor-sharp out of the box. The black blade coating not only prevents rust but also helps to retain the edge longer.

Uniquely, the handle fits best in hands and the grip is so sturdy even when wet. Condor built it for performance and durability. Also, check our review on the Best Condor Bushcraft Knife.

Blade: This condor’s machete comes with 1095 high-carbon steel. No doubt, the blade comes extremely sharp, but if you like the different angle, it can be easily resharpened.

The Latin-style blade is classier and more durable due to the black powder epoxy finish.

Handle: This is a pro-quality machete from tip to grip. Brass rivets fix the micarta handle slabs. The lanyard hole could be used to hang the machete on a nail or somewhere else you want.

Sheath: The included black leather sheath also contains a swivel belt loop. The sheath always helps us to carry the machete safely.

  • Best quality machete
  • Good Edge Retention
  • Comfortable grip over handle
  • Exceptional heat treatment and finish
  • Price may be high

2: KA-BAR Becker – BK21 – Best Survival Machete

KA-BAR - BK21 Becker

Blade length13.25"
Blade Thickness0.20"
Machete Length18.75"
Machete Weight1 pound 4 ounce

KA-BAR owes to producing quality outdoor tools. KA-BAR BK is an epic series of knives that have worked for ages. Reinhardt’s design of BK-21 makes it more versatile.

  • The sturdy steel blade with no burr and kukri blade shape makes it good for chopping, clearing brush, splitting hardwoods, and other bushcraft activities.
  • The inner blade curve can be used for fine work, including making shavings. Hopefully, it will prove the best machete for bushcraft you ever used.

Blade: The blade features 1095 carbon steel. The high carbon content in the steel makes it sturdy and lessens the wear amount that a blade experiences over time. I’m happy to use this blade as it retains good edge retention and is very easy to resharpen, even in emergencies.

The other thing which you will find useful is the black finish, actually helpful in preventing rust. The razor-sharp blade is so sturdy even can be used as an axe.

Handle: It comes with an Ultramid handle, which imparts high mechanical strength, thermal stability, and stiffness. The sliding friction behavior of this handle makes it a good choice for bushcrafters.

The added lanyard hole extends the grip and is easier to carry. The full tang extends as the pommel; I often use it in hammering and fire starting.

Sheath:  The Sheath is pretty darn nice! This Nylon sheath has a plastic tip. The sheath is open at the top with a button closure.

This feature is good as you may find it difficult to pull off the sheath from a kukri blade-style knife.

  • Highly durable
  • Razor-sharp blade
  • Good edge retention
  • Kukri style machete
  • Price may be high

3: CRKT Mah-Chete – Best Machete for Survival

CRKT Mah-Chete

Blade Length12"
Blade Thickness0.18"
Machete Length17.44"
Machete Weight1 pound 2 ounces

The CRKT Mah-Chete is designed by Liong Mah when he was in search of a survival machete that must-have features to be used in different situations. So, he developed one with an exclusive upswept overall shape.

The Mah-chete is the best machete for survival that’s the one that fits in the bushcrafter’s backpack and ready to rig the big game. Its curved blade enhances its slicing ability.

The spine is curved backward allowing you to build up more force. It’s good for cutting branches, slicing, wood chopping, clearing brush, and many more.

Blade: It comes with a 1075 carbon steel blade, pretty easy to heat treat. The blade has a concave grind (pretty much like a shallow hollow grind) which is also known as an axe grind. This grind helps to produce a stronger edge as it keeps a lot of metal behind the edge.

Moreover, this razor-sharp blade is so durable even to split hard and thick wood. Additionally, the satin finish makes it corrosion-resistant.

Handle: The handle scales are made up of walnut wood. The full tang has three lanyard holes which may help you to hang the machete, or you can also put a strip for convenient carry or as a tag.

It is shaped in such a way as to conform to the hand. It’s largely flat and doesn’t have palm swells yet enough for a comfortable grip. The extended flat tang (pommel) prevents the hand from slipping off during aggressive use.

Sheath: The package contains a heavy-duty Nylon sheath with a belt loop, which helps convenient carry. The diagonal retaining button closure pattern helps to keep you safe while running and climbing.

  • Heavy duty machete
  • Concave Grind
  • Not too large size
  • No gap between handle scales and tang
  • Pommel with extended handle scales
  • Handle is not so Ergonomic

4: Barebones Woodsman NATA Tool – Best Machete for Camping

Barebones Woodsman Japanese NATA Tool

Blade Length12.5"
Blade Thickness0.22"
Machete Length19.5"
Machete Weight1 pounds 7 Ounces

Barebones NATA Tool is inspired by Japanese camping and gardening tools. I tested it and found it good to strip bark, clear brush, and plank wood, and excellent for camping and batoning.

The unique look of this machete attracts more bushcrafters.

Blade:  It features a high-carbon stainless blade. Moreover, the blade tip also has an edge but is not super sharp. The concave grind is easy to resharpen.

The razor-sharp blade passes through hardwoods like butter.

Handle: It comes with a Hardwood handle with a walnut finish. Finger grooves give a sturdy grip. The handle is designed so as to feel like your hand is locked between the butt and the blade.

The copper rivets are holding the handle scales tightly. Moreover, the lanyard hole is functional. Although the handle is not fancy yet I like it because of its comfortable grip.

Sheath: The Sheath made of waxed canvas and leather, promotes convenient carry. It has an adorable belt clip and a leather loop. A strip with a button closure keeps the machete safe from falling.

  • High-quality machete
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Large handle
  • Thick Spine
  • Bit heavy but good for camping

5: Condor Tool & Knife – Parang Machete – High Quality

Condor Tool & Knife, Parang Machete

Blade Length17.5"
Blade Thickness0.25"
Machete Length24.5"
Machete Weight2 Pounds

Condor is known for its great products at great prices. This best parang machete is one of the most loved tools by bushcrafters. The uniqueness of this machete lies in the Parang style blade, which makes it multi-functional. Indeed, it’s the best condor machete.

The front edge of the parang machete is very sharp and good for skinning; the middle is wider and suitable for chopping, and the end near the handle is very fine and best for carving. Some more products details are:

Blade: It features a 1075 carbon steel blade with a convex edge. Epoxy Black Powder Coating gives a classy look and prevents corrosion. The forward cutting area on the blade is aggressively sharp as it hits hard and bites deep.

The blade spine is quite thick to impart perfect balance. I have been using it for months, and there are no nicks or pits even after heavy use and resharpening.

Handle: It comes with a hardwood handle with a lanyard hole. I used to place a piece of cord in the lanyard hole and put my hand in it during aggressive use; this thing greatly helps me to put more force with no slipping.

You can also try this if not tried it before and don’t forget to share your reviews with us. The handle is designed in such a way as to offer a comfortable grip over time.

Sheath: High-quality black leather sheath is included in the package, well stitched with the Condor symbol imparts on it.

The sheath is open at the upper side with two-button closure retaining straps to lock the machete in place. The sheath also has a swivel belt loop to move around.

  • Best american made machete
  • Non-slippery handle
  • Razor-sharp blade perfect for chopping
  • High quality leather sheath
  • Handle is perfect for down stroke
  • Not perfect for beginners

6: Moorhaus D2 – Best Steel Machete

Moorhaus D2 Machete Knife

Blade Length11.5"
Blade Thickness0.25"
Machete Length17.5"
Machete Weight1.5 Pounds

D2 Steel takes pride in creating high wear-resistant and heat-treatable blades. The uniqueness of this steel is its high chromium content which imparts inborn corrosion-resistant properties, so no finish or coating is needed.

I tested and found this best survival machete incredibly strong and good for batoning, chopping, and hacking away hard brushes.

Blade: This angelic machete was designed with D2 tool steel. The incredible strength, stiffness, and wear resistance make it good for hardwood cutting.

The last part of the blade near the handle itself acts as a finger guard to offer safety while aggressive use.

Handle: It features a walnut wood handle. The handle is not fancy, but the scales are held tightly. The full tang construction offers more balance and a part of the tang is extended to act as a pommel.

Two lanyard holes are functional and tend to offer a sturdy grip over the handle if you put a cord. If you are in a hurry, you can place the machete around the wrist during an emergency and can easily access it during need. I found the handle comfortable over excessive use.

Sheath: The package contains a high-quality leather sheath. Although, the sheath doesn’t have many carrying options yet it’s good for convenient carry. The sheath looks cool due to its unique handmade design.

  • Corrosion-resistant blade
  • Thick and Comfortable Handle
  • Handmade Genuine Leather Sheath
  • Tested and proven strong and well-balanced
  • The sheath doesn’t have a retention strap

7: Condor Tool & Knife – Golok Machete – High Carbon Steel

Condor Tool & Knife - Golok Machete

Blade Length14″
Machete Length19″
Machete Weight0.2 Kilograms

The Condor Golok is an Indonesian design that embraces a quirky handle design and perfect balance. The uniqueness of the Golok machete is the blade thickness.

It combines the chopping power of an axe and the slicing ability of a machete. I used it to chop some hedges down, and the blade held up. Indeed, it’s the best all-around machete.

Blade: The condor blade is very strong and pretty easy to sharpen. 1075 high carbon steel constitutes this blade. The edge is razor-sharp from the tip to near the handle.

The blade area continuously increases towards the tip assuring a perfect balance between the handle and blade. The black powder epoxy finish leaves a classy look and rust resistance.

Handle: It features a walnut wood handle. The handle design makes it beginners friendly. No special training is required to hold the handle perfectly.

Markedly, the handle butt is wider and thicker, providing a sturdy grip and hand safety over heavy chopping and slicing.

Brass rivets are holding handle scales so neatly. The lanyard hole in the handle butt provides extra carrying and holding options.

Sheath: The package contains a high-quality leather sheath. The swivel belt loop allows free movement. No retention loop is needed as the sheath itself is thick and tight enough to hold the machete tightly. 

  • Corrosion-resistant blade
  • Thick and Comfortable Handle
  • Handmade Genuine Leather Sheath
  • Tested and proven strong and well-balanced
  • The sheath doesn’t have a retention strap

8: Schrade SCHKM1 – Kukri – Best Quality Machete

Schrade SCHKM1 - Kukri Machete

Blade Length13.3"
Blade Thickness0.15
Machete Length19.9"
Machete Weight2 Pounds

Schrade has been producing outdoor cutting tools at a great price for over a century. This Kukri Machete has been tested and found good for camping, hiking, and executing bushcraft, and would work great in any survival kit.

Most bushcrafters like it because of its affordable price and all-around ability to cut hardwoods like butter. A fire starter and a sharpening stone are also included in the package to make it all in one machete for heavy tasks.

Blade: In particular, this kukri machete contains a 3Cr13 Stainless Steel Blade. A black powder coating gives it more protection.

The speed holes near the blade end grant a unique style, make the machete slightly light, and often prevent the blade from getting stuck in certain materials.

Handle: It features a rubberized handle with a safe T-grip. The handle surface is not so smooth specially designed to prevent slipping when wet. Additionally, the wider bottom allows for imparting full force without the fear of moving the machete away.

Added finger guard helps to prevent accidental cuts during aggressive use. A lanyard hole is functional for hanging it up or adding a cord to get a perfect grip.

Sheath: Surprisingly, the sheath has a lot of carrying options. You are no more restricted to carrying your machete on your belt.

Now, you’re able to sling it at your back or simply strap it to your leg. A button closure strap is also at the end to keep the machete stick on the cover.

  • Sturdy handle
  • Blade with speed holes
  • Well–balanced blade
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Sheath quality is not so good

9: Tops MAC-170 – Best Cold Steel Machete

Tops MAC-170 Machete

Blade Length10"
Blade Thickness0.17"
Machete Length17.50"
Machete Weight1 Pound

TOPS is known for years due to its excellent products. Most machete lovers are worried about blade balance, but this machete is a remedy for your all worries.

Blade: It features a 1095 high carbon steel blade, which holds an edge much better. This bowie machete is quick and fast, making it an outstanding blade for multi-purposes.

The sharp blade tip allows it to penetrate well and passes through obstacles, making it perfect for skinning, gutting, and chopping. Additionally. the ash grey finish imparts a classy look and corrosion resistance.

Handle: It features a black linen micarta handle. The finger grooves the screw hand from slipping. Additionally, the broad handle tip keeps the hand safe from slipping away during aggressive use.

The handle size is suitable for medium to large hands, and you don’t need to wrap extra bands on it. The lanyard holes with black cords are specially designed to offer additional grip and minimum disturbance while chopping hardwoods.

Sheath: It comes with a black ballistic nylon sheath. The sheath has different carrying options. Unlike other machetes, this sheath covers a full machete with proper closure to ensure safe carry.

  • Bowie Machete
  • Made in the USA
  • Sharp blade
  • Micarta Handle
  • Handle might be skinny for extra-large hands

10: Cold Steel Tactical Tanto Machete – Best Cold Steel

Cold Steel Tactical Tanto Machete

Blade Length13"
Blade Thickness0.15"
Machete Length19"
Machete Weight1 Pound 4 Ounces

Cold steel is a well-known outdoor tools company. Mostly, they produce tactical machetes/knives at a reasonable price. One thing I like about Cold Steel is the sheer product variety they offer.

This Tanto Machete is available in different sizes and has proven good for the military, and tactical purposes, clearing brush, chopping, and slicing. No doubt, it’s the best cold steel machete.

Blade: It features 1055 High Carbon Steel with a baked-on anti-rust coating. The finger guard ring also made of the same cold steel blade, ensures a safe and fear-free grip.

The blade is a bit flexible and helps to penetrate well in a certain material, but it never bends while passing through hardwoods.

Handle: The full tang is covered with molded polypropylene, making it extremely durable and weather resistant. The blade design prevents the hand from slipping even when wet. The lanyard hole offers multi-functions depending on your choice.

The classic handle design with a comfortable grip attracts more adventurers. Incredibly, the handle size is best for all hand sizes; their perfect grip without the fear of slipping over the blade.

Sheath: The package contains a Nylon sheath with a plastic tip to ensure blade tip protection. Additionally, the button closure strap provides extra security while running and climbing.

The belt loops make it easily accessible.

  • Heat Treated Blade
  • Weather-resistant handle
  • Razor-sharp blade
  • Budget-Friendly
  • No specific cons yet

11: Kershaw Camp – Tan Machete – Best for Camping

Kershaw Camp 10 – Tan Machete

Blade Length10"
Blade Thickness0.20"
Machete Length16"
Machete Weight1 pound 2 ounces

Kershaw Produces excellent quality outdoor tools at an affordable price. This machete can scrape, slash, split, cut, and bushwhack. In short, this machete is an all-in-one tool to perform every task from clearing a field to hunting and all the needs in between.

The two-finger guards in and outside the blade keep your hand safe while chopping hardwoods and batoning.

Blade: It contains a 65Mn carbon steel blade with a flat grind. This spring steel is produced to give toughness, and good wear resistance and bears high temperatures due to greater manganese content.

Black powder coating makes it more durable and fancier. The flat grind enhances camping ability.

Handle: It features a rubber handle with a diamond pattern to offer a sturdy grip. The full tang blade is extended as a pommel, and also acts as a lanyard hole.

A total of two lanyard holes are present one at the start and the other at the end of the handle. You can tie a cord by passing it through both lanyard holes then put your hand in it to get more retention/stickiness over the rubber grip while chopping hardwoods.

The palm swell style gives a more comfortable feel.

Sheath: It features a tan Nylon polymer sheath interweaved with glass for more stiffness and strength. Uniquely, the sheath has multi-carry options; a belt strap, dual straps for leg or military molle carry, and a safety strap to keep the blade secure.

The belt loops can be reversed, equally suitable for both left and right-handed people. The sheath design looks cool.

  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Excellent Chopper
  • Best machete to buy
  • Corrosion Resistant Blade
  • Hard Multi-Functional Sheath
  • No specific cons yet

12: Gerber Gator Machete – Best Bushcraft Machete

Gerber Gator Machete

Blade Length18"
Blade Thickness1.5"
Machete Length25.7
Machete Weight1 Pound 5 ounces

Significantly, the Gerber Gator is a well-known outdoor tools brand, hot among bushcrafters for years. The uniqueness of this machete is the blade, which is all-around functional.

The upper side has a saw pattern, the blade tip is extra sharp ready to embed in any hard material, and the lower blade part is razor-sharp.

Blade: It features a high-carbon steel blade. Certainly, the blade has seen a back design on the upper side. A big hole is near the tip, which might be useful in hanging the machete. The toothed edge/saw at the top really helpful in cutting heavy hardwoods.

I placed the toothed edge against hardwood and forcefully moved it back and forth, and I was surprised by the results, you can also try it.

Handle: The rubberized handle is large enough even if you can perfectly hold it with both hands. The lanyard hole has a wrist strap to ensure extra grip and also save it from falling.

Rivets fix the handle scales; the slabs are replaceable.

Sheath: The Nylon case is strong and has a holding strap. The belt loop option is useful to carry the machete.

You might find this machete good for cleaning brushes, cutting small weeds, Recreational Use, suburban use, and many more. Try it and don’t forget to share your review with us.

  • Best large machete
  • Saw back machete
  • Shallow hollow grind
  • Ergonomic Handle Grip
  • No specific cons yet

13: Ontario Knife Company – Military Machete – Best for Outdoors

Ontario Knife Company Military Machete

Blade Length18"
Blade Thickness0.13"
Machete Length24"
Machete Weight2 Pounds

Ontario Knife Company has been making machetes for over 70 years. Outdoor adventurers highly like their outdoor cutting tools. This Ontario Military Machete is an excellent chopper; chopping hardwoods is a piece of cake for it.

The main thing to consider in a machete after quality is its blade length and balance, this machete fulfills the entire criteria of being a good one.

Blade: It contains a 1095 high-carbon steel blade. Additionally, the Black Zinc Phosphate coating imparts a classy look and corrosion resistance, also saving the blade from intense scratches.

Moreover, the blade is razor-sharp and holds an edge for a long time. I’m using this machete for over seven years and I have never sharpened it.

One thing I found good is the blade balance which puts less fatigue over heavy use.

Handle: It features a high-impact shatterproof polymeric plastic handle. The handle scales are screwed tightly by rivets. Chiefly, the handle part near the blade is a bit curved to act as a finger guard. Indeed, the handle size perfectly suits for sturdy grip even for large hands.

Moreover, the last part of the handle is extended upward to form a stopping point to stop the handle from going out of your hand while swinging or making cuts.

A total of two lanyard holes, one in the handle scales, the second in the extended part. You can make use of these lanyards to increase palm grip or to hang the machete if you put a cord in it.

Sheath: The package doesn’t come with a sheath, but you can buy one which fits an 18Inches blade. If you buy this machete from Amazon, they will recommend some good quality sheaths for this machete.

So, now you have a lot more options to buy a sheath of your own choice.

  • Made in USA.
  • Budget Friendly
  • best long machete
  • Life time outdoor partner
  • Sturdy grip over handle
  • No specific cons yet

14: Gerber Versafix Pro – Machete Knife Hybrid – Sharp and Durable

Gerber Versafix Pro - Machete Knife Hybrid

Blade Length9"
Blade Thickness0.13"
Machete Length14.3"
Machete Weight1.05 Pounds

The Gerber Versafix fixed blade machete is an all-purpose outdoor cutting tool that is good for chopping, slicing, and batoning. The unique wider belly of this machete allows easy chopping while the inner blade part is good for slicing.

For bushcrafters, this machete is good for carving. This machete size fits your backpack. If you are looking for a machete for clearing brush, camping, or medium-way chopping on a less budget, then this one is perfect for you.

Blade: It features a stainless steel blade with a powdered finish. Notably, the blade surface is not smooth but has some layers-type pattern to provide more resistance against the material.

The weight-balancing holes tend to maintain a low weight, you can call them feathered holes too. Moreover, the shallow sabre grind and weight-forwarded design make it good for heavy use.

Handle: It has an over-molded full tang polymeric handle. The handle design is good for a comfortable grip. The palm studs ensure a sturdy grip. The handle’s part near the blade swells to give a finger guard to keep your hands secure during heavy use.

The full tang extends to give a lanyard hole which may be useful to add a cord or hang it anywhere, and also acts as a pommel.

Sheath: The package has a durable, hard plastic sheath. The sheath is not flexible, so the chance of improper holding may raise, but the closure strap eliminates this fear. The halfway open design makes it easily accessible during emergency needs; the clip is here to secure it.

The belt loop assures easy, convenient carry. You might find the sheath quality not too good, but when you look at the budget, you will find it pretty reliable.

  • Unique shape
  • Lightweight
  • Best backpacking machete
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Best utility machete
  • Not useful for heavy chopping

? How to Choose the Best Machetes (Camping, Bushcraft, Survival) in 2023? – Things to Consider

A machete is a pivotal part of an adventurer’s life. Most people always ask which is the best machete for bushcraft and survival. Here you will find the answer to your all questions.

Blade Design

The machete is an imperative part of a survival kit, widely used for chopping. But the functionality of a machete highly depends upon blade style. Some machetes are multi-functional; besides chopping they can perform slicing too. Every blade design is unique for a specific outdoor task.

Therefore, before choosing the best bushcraft machete, you need to determine what work you need and then select the survival machete blade style accordingly. Here I’m describing the best use of each blade style that a machete could have.


Latin machete - Best for camping

The Latin design machete is also widely known as the brush machete, due to its ability to clear brush. Whenever, you hear about the machete, this type of blade comes to mind.

Throughout the length, the blade is mostly straight until near the tip where it curves up. The edge near the tip is slightly forward to maintain a good balance. So, we can swing it back and forth for a long period.

Latin machetes are popular all-purpose machetes specially designed for chopping, and clearing woods green vegetation and as a utility tool.


The inwardly curved edged machete is known as the kukri machete. The Nepalese people use this machete as a tradition.

Kukri machete - Best for Survival

As the blade is curved, so each part has its own use, the narrow area near the handle is good for carving and whittling, the wider middle area is excellent for chopping, and the pointed sharp tip is useful for stabbing and poking holes. You can also check our review on the best bushcraft carving knives.

Some people are design-conscious, they rely on their favorite designs only. Kukri design is one of those designs which is most loved by bushcrafters.


Bolo machetes are quite similar to Latin machetes. The difference is found in the blade tip; the Bolo style has an arrowed blade tip. The blade is also edged from the upper side, making it useful for digging.

The less pointy tip makes it more suitable for non-cutting purposes like digging holes or pinching. The whole blade is good for chopping, slicing, and batoning.

Parangparang machete

The parang machete features a short and thicker blade. The blade is not straight not completely curved; it makes a half-wave. The blade spine is curved upward.

The square blade design allows it to act as a bushcraft axe. This type of machete is great for cutting thick green vegetation without having to worry about the blade getting stuck in the material.

I found it suitable for chopping. But it might weaker your arm sooner due to heavy weight; some think this weight is beneficial for fatty cuts.


The Golok machetes are quite similar to parang machetes. The blade length of this machete is shorter than many other machetes. The thick short blade imparts extra chopping abilities.

The broadened blade tip helps to maintain a good balance between the handle and the blade. The primary grind serves to keep the blade intact in hardwoods. This blade type is also useful for slicing.

Blade Length 

The machete’s blade length choice highly depends upon the type of use. Definitely, different blade lengths have a different use.

Golok Machete - Best Survival Machete

If you only prefer chopping with your machete, then a short blade can also be feasible. It will save more space in your survival kit, and also be lightweight.

But if you’re planning to clear a lot of brush for a long period, then go for long-blade machetes. No, doubt longer blade machetes burden more weight but they are good at making deep cuts.

On average machetes are 18” long but this is not a fixed value they can be as short as 10” and as long as 28”. No doubt, small lighter weight machetes are easy to carry and long heavier machetes require more space in your bag pack.

Long blades can clear large areas in less time while short blades can clear fewer areas at a time.

Blade Material

The primary difference between different machetes is the blade material. Mostly three kinds of steel are widely used to make machetes blade:

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is hard and can retain edge retention for a long time. But it’s not easy to resharpen and is also rustable. Proper oiling is needed to prevent rust.

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is not as hard as carbon steel. But it’s easy to resharpen, and also stain resistant.

Also, check our review on the best stainless steel bushcraft knives.

High carbon stainless steel

bolo machete - Best Bushcraft Machete

As the name represents, it’s a combination of carbon steel and stainless steel. So, it is more durable and corrosion-resistant. Mostly, this material is used in the machete’s blades with a coating or finish to prevent corrosion and improve edge retention.

Blade Thickness

Another thing to look at in a machete before buying is blade thickness. A large variety of machetes have a thin blade approximately 1/8 inch in thickness, which makes them lightweight and easy to carry.

The thin blade allows more work with less fatigue, but it restricts you to perform heavier tasks. No doubt, thin-blade machetes are good but only for soft vegetation.

There are other machetes with a thick blade of around 1/4 inch. Thick blades allow deeper cuts and they are heavy-duty to perform hard tasks. Definitely, thick-blade machetes are good at heavy chopping, but they are heavier and occupy more space in the survival kit.

? Final Verdict

So, if you need to perform a heavy task, go for the thick blade but if you just want some clearings and lighter chopping choose a thin blade. I prefer thick-blade machetes as they are good to perform every small and big game.

If you are associated with the field of woodcutting, agriculture reinforcement, or other outdoor adventure then surely, you are in search of the best machete for survival, bushcraft, or camping that also works well for a long time.

Moreover, if you are tired of buying such a machete whose blades aren’t sharp and dulls shortly, or if the handle is hard to hold and rough or the sheath is not entirely closed, then you must get a high-quality machete.

Now, rest assured, you don’t have to worry anymore because we have sorted and listed the top machetes with excellent strength and durability. So, choose one that best suits you!